A grower is a person designated by a registered patient to cultivate marijuana for the patient. A grower offers lower prices than what dispensaries offer and can sometimes offer up to one ounce of marijuana for free every month. Growers may produce and provide marijuana to a patient or a patient’s designated primary caregiver as authorized under the law.

For each patient or caregiver for whom marijuana is being produced, a grower may possess up to six mature plants and up to twenty-four ounces of usable marijuana. For each patient, they may possess up to eighteen marijuana seedlings. A grower may produce marijuana for no more than four patients or designated primary caregivers.The patient, the designated primary caregiver, and the grower must have in his possession his OMMP identity card when transporting marijuana. A patient must have in his possession his OMMP identity card when using marijuana in a location other than the residence of the cardholder.

If a person was only convicted once of a Class A or Class B felony for the manufacturer or delivery of a controlled substance in a Schedule I or II, then he may grow five years from the date of conviction. If he was convicted more than once, he may not grow.

If you would like to read about all of the specific changes to the Oregon medical marijuana program as of March 1, 2016, click here.


  • Must be designated by a registered patient as patient’s grower
  • Must be 18 years of age or above
  • Must possess an identification card
  • Must be registered with the Health Department of Oregon
  • Must have lived in Oregon for the past 2 years

Questions about "growing" from our FAQ

  • As a patient or registered grower, you can grow

    • sixteen (16) plants under 1’ x 1’ and
    • six (6) plants of any size

    These plants will need to be grown at a registered growth site.

    A grower can only be designated to grow for a total of four (4) patients.

  • After you visit our clinic and mail in your state application, you can legally grow marijuana within the designated limits. You will need to make copies of your state application, attending physician statement, check or money order payable to OHA/OMMP, and your certified mail receipt. All of these documents combined will act as your temporary card. It is advised that you post this material at your grow site. in approximately 2 to 4 weeks, you will be issued a grower registration card which will need to be posted at the grow site as well.

  • Yes, if you are growing your own medical marijuana or are designating another person to grow it for you, OAR 333-008-0025(1) requires the patient to provide the OMMP with the address where his marijuana will be manufactured or produced; that is, a grow site address. The department will only register one grow site address per patient and will only register grow sites in Oregon.

    No, if you plan to obtain your medicine at a licensed Oregon facility only, then you do not need to list a grower/grow site address on your application.

  • There is no master list of growers available at this time. We recommend that you network with other patients and medical marijuana businesses to find a grower. You can also use social networking sites and online forums to find growers.

    Remember you can also grow for yourself.

  • You must grower have a patient designate you on his state application and be approved by the state of Oregon. This will require an additional registration fee and a background check. Once approved, you will be issued a grower registration card.

  • To remove a grower from your state registration, you will need to complete a change order form. This form can be obtained on the state of Oregon OMMP website. There is a $100 fee. It is your responsibility to inform your previous grower that they are no longer protected; the state does not issue updates. Once your change order form has been processed, the OMMP will send you a new grower registration card.

  • To register a grow site, you will need to either list your own name or another individual’s name/grow site address on the OMMP application form. A grow site registration fee of $50 will be required in addition to the application fee.

  • The “Placard” which accompanies the card for the person responsible for the grow site must be displayed at the garden. If the patient changes either the caregiver or the grower, the you must return the old caregiver or grower cards and placard to the OMMP.

    If the patient changes the caregiver or the grower site, the patient must inform them that you that you being replaced. Once the change has been made, you will be subject to arrest and prosecution because you lose protection from these possibilities.

    The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act does not protect cardholders from federal government prosecution. Medicine must be provided to the patient for “no consideration” which means no money or anything of value may be charged. A registered ID cardholder or the designated primary caregiver of the cardholder may reimburse the person responsible for the marijuana grow site for the cost of supplies and utilities associated with the production of marijuana.

  • This is not designated in the medical marijuana act. However, a person can only grow for a total of four (4) patients.

  • A grower can only be a designated grower for a total of four (4) patients.

  • You and your grower can decide upon this. We recommend that you work it out in writing before submitting your card application to the state.

  • The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA) does not address this issue. You may wish to contact an attorney to discuss your options.

  • No.

    The property owner has no obligation to permit you to grow on his property. Your recommendation to use Medical Marijuana does not constitute a medical order. Therefore, he can choose to prohibit you from growing there or even from smoking inside your own house, if your lease says that you cannot smoke inside.

    The card does not grant you special permission or protection with regard to landlords, leasing, etc.

  • A grower is a person who is registered with the state of Oregon to grow marijuana for a state-licensed patient. The only way to become a grower is to have a patient designate you on their state application and to be approved by the state of Oregon. This will require an additional registration fee and background check. Once approved, you will be issued a grower registration card.

  • The OMMP is not a resource for the growing process and does not have information to give to patients. Presently, a medical marijuana dispensary or grower is the only legal source for marijuana plants or seeds in the state of Oregon.

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