First of all, keep in mind that the first recreational sale of marijuana will be in approximately June of 2016 and that marijuana is not legal until July of 2015. Until then, the only legal way to use or purchase marijuana is with a medical card.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries licensed through the State of Oregon specialize in medical grade strains, & products to help provide relief for medical patients. With recreational marijuana, the goal is to “get high,” so the product is geared towards that. Unfortunately, the cannabinoids that have medical value are not present in high THC strains. Charlotte’s Web is an example of a high CBD strain that was created for its anti-seizure qualities, not to “get stoned.”

Marijuana first and foremost is a medicine. Medical grade products are designed to provide relief from symptoms of disease. A different variety of strains will be available through recreational retailers, but most often not the same types a state approved medical dispensary would offer.