A patient must submit a written statement that he wishes to withdraw from the OMMP. The program will request that all cards be returned, then the file will be closed. The patient’s card and all cards associated will be voided. The patient is responsible for notifying his grower and caregiver, if applicable, that his card is no longer valid. If the OMMP is notified by the patient that he would like to withdraw from the program, the OMMP will notify the primary caregiver and/or grower by mail at the address on record, informing the caregiver or grower that his card is no longer valid. All cards must be returned to the OMMP within seven calendar days of the date that the OMMP was notified of withdrawal. If the patient so chooses, he may reapply as a new patient at any time. In order to apply, a patient must submit the required documentation and application fee as outlined in OAR 333-008-0020.