The Oregon Health Authority has a set of new rules directly affecting marijuana growers of the state. These new rules are part of a law passed last year and will be enacted on March 1.

GreenWay Oregon New Sets of Rules in Oregon Pot ProductionThe said changes will place expensive and unnecessary burdens on both growers and patients. According to Cedar Grey, a Williams grower with the Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild, most growers and patients are oblivious to the changes and that it completely changes the program.

Some changes to regulate Oregon’s marijuana industry are:

  • Record Keeping: Growers must establish online accounts with health authorities, file monthly reports on number of plants in possession, harvests and amount transferred overall to dispensaries and patients.
  • Reporting Requirements: Medical marijuana growers for dispensaries, more than two patients or patients living off property, must track use of pesticides and fertilizers by documenting name of products used, dates they were used, names of those who applied them and how much was used. Records must be kept for 2 years.
  • Plant Limits: Medical marijuana growers in residential areas within city limits may have up to 12 plants. Those outside a residential zone or city limits may grow up to 48 plants.
  • “Grandfathered” Grow Sites: Depending on number of patients on growers roll on Jan 1, 2015, some medical marijuana growers may be eligible to have more plants. Those living in residential areas may have up to 24 plants while those outside those areas may have up to 96 plants.
  • Residency requirements: Growers who registered on or before Jan. 1, 2015, must prove they lived in the state for the past year. Otherwise, they must prove they lived in Oregon for the previous 2 years. Patients must also be Oregon residents.
  • Water rights: Growers must have water rights for irrigation or “nursery use” and must have “legal authorization” to use water.
  • Security: Growers must install round-the-clock camera surveillance with video backup for 2 years. Must be equipped with motion sensors. Cannabis must be stored in locked safe/vault.

However, for patients growing marijuana on their own, less extensive new rules will take effect. The changes are meant to solidify the regulations enacted in Oregon. With growers not operating in accordance with the law for quite some time, some say that these changes were inevitable.

18 thoughts on “New Sets of Rules in Oregon Medical Marijuana Production

  1. Ron G says:

    I’m confused. In some parts of this article the word “proposed” in regards to the regulations. is used. While the first paragraph says “These new rules are part of a law passed last year and will be enacted on March 1.” Which is it? Proposed or done deal?

    • GreenWay Oregon says:

      Hi Ron,

      In response to your first question, the regulations will apply to all medical marijuana growers. If you are growing for yourself or one other person who lives on the property nothing will change. If you are growing marijuana to sell or for another individual who does not live on the property then the regulations do apply.

      We are also sorry about the confusion with the wording of the article. We have updated it and the rules are set in stone and will take effect as of March 1st.

      Let us know if we have passed over anything or if you would like further clarification.

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